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The five Titans of Industry discussed in this series are, without a doubt, the most influential and impactful men in American history. Without any one of them, the entire landscape of the US would be different. They are the founders of the American economy.  We live in a world today that is based on the actions of John D. Rockefeller. Everything we do and how we live are the result of oil and its power.J.P. Morgan is more than just the name on one of the largest banks in America. He built the financial world we live in today.Henry Ford not only revolutionized the automobile industry, but the assembly line he created has changed the way the entire world thinks about manufacturing.Grab a copy, pull up a chair, pour your favorite listening beverage, and dive in to the lives of the men who built America.Andrew CarnegieAndrew Carnegie amassed wealth that inspired generations of entrepreneurs and industrialists. Starting with nothing in Scotland, he gradually built so much wealth that those at the top of the current Forbes list would still not be able to match him.He began working at a young age, and the lessons he learned from observing his surroundings gave him the foundational structure that allowed him to build his wealth and etch his name in the minds of generations to come.J.P. MorganJ.P. Morgan is more than just the name on one of the largest banks in America. He was a man who altered the course of American finance and the chief financier for the strategic interests of the titans of the day, such as Carnegie and Rockefeller. He also financed new and ingenious technologies developed by Thomas Edison and was a visionary who saw the potential in Nikola Tesla.His ability was not limited to Wall Street, though, and his reputation was not bound by the shores of America. He touched core industries in his lifetime, from shipping to power to steel and provided the spark that reigni 1. Language: English. Narrator: Kevin Kollins. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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